June, 2010 | Chris Page

Fun Android/iPhone Game – Storm8’s World War

Jun 20

World War - By Storm8

A CTO recently made a comment that some oddly high % of people above a particular salary range play N amount of video games a week.  I thought it was interesting, as I couldn’t disprove it, ha!  So, in effort to keep this page a little active, and not having the time to write out a well-thought-out technical tutorial, I decided to write about something fun, a video game I got into this week:  Storm8’s World War ( picture on the left ).  It’s a dice-based massively multi-player phone game for both Android and iPhone.

How it works?:

You pick your faction ( one of 5 global super powers ), each with their own benefits.  You then complete missions, earn money, buy bigger and badder units, and compete with other players.

What’s fun about it?:

One thing I particularly enjoy about World War is that it’s simply addictive – there are few controls and few options, so I don’t really need to deeply involve myself in the game to have fun with it. I play here and there.  I like this, because I’m so very busy these days – I haven’t really had time to join my buddies in the Starcraft 2 train, and I can only play my Wii in small dosages.  So phone games that I can carry around and play here and there is quite fulfilling.


I’ve only been playing for about a week, but like many other multi-player phone games, World War continues while you are offline.  So, it’s probably a good tip to build a lot of defense, so that other players don’t loot your cash flow while you’re gone!  When it comes to attacking, the best thing you can do is have a couple friends join your alliance.  The bigger your alliance, the more effective your attacks and defenses are.  Ie, if you are in an alliance of 4 people, you typically almost always win against an enemey from an alliance of 2 ( though not always, just usually ).

Join my alliance!:

If anybody wants to join the game, post your alliance code in the comments or shoot me an email — I’ll invite you to my alliance!


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