February, 2011 | Chris Page

Best 2011 Super Bowl Commercials

Feb 06

Living right outside Pittsburgh right now, it’s only natural that I’ll have atleast a mention of the 2011 Super Bowl! Go steelers!

Right now I’m at a friend’s bar with my laptop hammering out some tasks for work and keeping tabs on the game. So far the Dorito commercials have sparked the most laughs, here is one John Washam sent over ( who is also hammering from Seattle ):

I think this was spot on — the finger licking goodness is truly the best part! Too funny!

I’ll save the best overall commercial posting for after the game, as better ones are already rolling in faster than I’ve been able to post this – that optima commercial was pretty sweet btw. The Eminem Brisk commercial.. comeon man, I like Eminem as an artist – but that was most-lame.