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Aug 19

In the last few years, I’ve had quite the journey. AdKeeper, shot for the stars, and fell on the moon. I worked with some fantastic folks there, and did quite well – but alas, they pivoted, and it was time to move on. I don’t believe I’ve been fully, professionally, “happy” since those days.

I’ve done some hopping around, I suppose you could say: I’ve been doing some professional soul searching, looking for the next big thing. I’ve had a few short stints with some various companies, and found myself in The Big Apple working for a company called TargetSpot.

I thought I would have been with TargetSpot longer, as, it was a really fantastic group of people, though, general unhappy life circumstances ( loved and lost would be an understatement ) shifted me another direction. As of April this year, I’ve taken a dive back to my roots in startup.

I now consult for startups spread across the U.S. and globe. To date this year, I’ve now worked with clients in Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Western Maryland, California, and couple in the UK. You do a lot in startups…

I’ve dedicated myself to helping entrepreneurs kick off new ideas through research, building version 1 products, maintaining existing projects, and have also kicked off some of my own ideas that are now slowly growing with small amounts of customers.

These are exciting times!

I’ve traveled over 15,000 miles this year, for various reasons, much of the process has been in the vein of building multiple technology businesses. Most of these are in the earliest of stages, and, for the time being, I will not list them – but I am quite excited about all the projects I get to be part of as a consulting engineer and co-founder to many.

In my professional soul searching, I’ve also done some personal soul searching. As, you can see… this was largely about “what makes me happiest”. A few of the many phrasings I’ve picked up along the way, shared here:

  • “You want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” – Unknown
  • “Money comes, money goes” – A friend
  • “It looks as if you are trying to climb out of hell on a wooden ladder…” – A friend
  • “Religion is for those who don’t want to go to hell, Spirituality is for those who have already been there” – Someone

And likely the most important thing I’ve learned about myself is that my intuition always seems to know. So I add this:

  • “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary” – Steve Jobs

and leave you with this…

“The world needs less workers dreaming, and more dreamers working” – Me

Startup. Get some. – Jobs for Programmers

Mar 08
Jobs for Programmers

Jobs for Programmers

Two colleagues out of St Louis, Josh Anyan, and Chris DeGroat, recently created – a website for matching up tech industry jobs with candidates. They gave me a heads up, and I was pretty impressed – as I generally am by these two. I thought I’d give them a call out on my site in hopes to send them what little traffic I can muster. Here is a review: aims to be low friction, my entire experience on the site was just a few minutes, here are some highlights:

  1. The login system is all via the linkedIn API ( how suitable ). This makes it super easy to sign up, and connect with the most relevant professional social network out there – NOT your facebook.
  2. You’re immediately asked a few questions about locale, skillsets, salary ranges that interest you.
  3. Next, your taken to a listing of matching jobs – where you can pick and choose what interests you and go from there.
  4. As new jobs that match your skills come into the system, you are notified. This is a nice way to keep a pulse on opportunities, without throwing your resume on the market. launched a few days ago and is currently in beta. If you’re a recruiter or employer, head on over and toss up a few job postings. It’s free! If you’re a techie, might as well sign up – it’s pretty frictionless, and you never know where you’ll find the next big thing.

For the record: Chris DeGroat and Josh Anyan are rockstar developers, they knocked this product out in just a couple short weeks. Keep tabs on these guys.

Nice work gentlemen.

Lockerz CEO, Kathy Savitt, on CNBC Power Lunch!

Jul 09

Keeping an eye out for a better recording, but considering this happened just 30 mins ago — it’s the best I could do ( Drew Kerrigan actually recorded it on his iPhone here at work, good job Drew ). Without further ado, Lockerz CEO, Kathy Savitt, on CNBC Power Lunch! Congrats Kathy!

Gym Class Heroes in NYC

Nov 28

As usual, it’s been awhile since the last post. As for pictures say a thousand words update:

Gym Class Heros at Lockerz Launch Party in NYC

Not pictured: “open bar, rock. the lockerz staff enjoying said open bar, rock. hundreds of lockerz fans enjoying the concert, rock. a great meal at the cafeteria in NYC, rock. oh, and Manhattan, ROCK!” Needless to say we had a blast! Thanks to all those supporting Lockerz, and all those who worked hard to throw an awesome launch party, as well as all those who continue to work hard every day to take the company to the next level!

In other news, we’ve been pouring our blood and sweat into work and home – doesn’t mean it hurts though 😉 My long time heterosexual life mate visited from Chicago over the weekend – we had a great time and already miss his company. In addition to his visit, my long time friend, college room mate, and colleague, Drew Kerrigan, stayed for 2 weeks as he joined Lockerz this month and is relocating from NoVA! A special congratulations to him!

So now we have at least 3 huge Diablo 3 fans ( Anthony, Myself, and Drew ) ready to pour vacation time down the drain 🙂

One last note! Happy birthday Peter!

Exciting Updates! Contrary to popular belief, Pittsburgh Rocks, not Cleveland – Period.

Aug 07
Lil Wayne In Pittsburgh

Lil Wayne loves Pitt too!

Two weeks down, this blog is due for an update – time has been flying!

As far as home life in Pittsburgh goes – ROCK. I’m currently staying roughly between one of Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh University’s campus intersections – the architecture is gorgeous. I enjoyed a meal at the famous Primanti Brothers down the street, learned the public transit ( a work in progress… ), and discovered a few open mic hot spots I’ll be hitting up eventually – oh, and Lil Wayne at the Post Gazette Pavilion was also ROCK! I’ve had numerous other experiences and visited quite a few restaurants, but won’t detail all my eating habits here 🙂

As far as Lockerz goes… ROCK ON! I’ve made some new friends, thoroughly enjoyed many philosophical discussions, and am getting knee deep into working on the next best thing. Today was a moment for Lockerz history – as we saw an incredible traffic increase this morning – ranking 4 on Google Trends around 10 a.m.

The boost seemed grass roots in nature, as people are catching wind and telling their friends, who are telling their friends. The most personable for me was Amber’s friend made a comment about needing a Lockerz invite to join the site, not even realizing I work there. Small world? Needless to say, he got the invite.

I won’t detail much else about the job – you’ll have to keep tabs on the site! Need an invite? Let me know.

Chris Page Joins New Venture – Lockerz LLC

Jul 22
Night shot of Pittsburgh, PA - our new home city!

Night shot of Pittsburgh, PA - our new home city!

I’ve been quite busy lately!  Amber and I decided to leave Morgantown, WV to pursue better opportunities wherever we may fall.  We bunked up with family for a few weeks… a grueling thing with a 2 month old.  Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to stumble upon the next big thing!  Spending so much time increasing my online presence has paid off – as I received a call a few weeks ago from Lockerz CTO, Peter Meulbroek.

Peter and I exchanged a few phone calls – I could tell there was something “right” about the vibe I gained.  Three weeks later I drove into Pittsburgh for a lengthy yet fun and relaxing 5 stage interview – their idea is spectacular and the team was very talented and cool with a work hard and play harder mentality, perfect.  I realized “I’m going to make this happen”.  Thankfully the team at Lockerz shared that realization, and I’m very proud to announce that as of July 27th 2009, I will begin my first day as a ground floor Lockerz technical team member!

This proves it… I’m a startup junkie!

Things are moving very quickly, with only a week to relocate, and it reminds me of one of Amber’s favorite sayings:  “Good things take time, Great things happen all at once.” – this seems to hold true for me, a man of extremes to say the least!

Everybody involved in the process made it feel absolutely “right”.  I’m super psyched about the challenging workload ahead, and Amber and I both have never been so happy with the direction life is taking us!

Go check out!

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Google’s April Fools, Starcraft 2, The New Relics

Apr 02

Google, April Fools!

How many people got caught by Google’s April fools joke this year?

“Virgle: Earth has issues, and it’s time humanity got started on a Plan B. So, starting in 2014, Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be leading hundreds of users on one of the grandest adventures in human history: Project Virgle, the first permanent human colony on Mars.”

I managed to get Mary, COO at Moguldom, to fall for it. Hehehe! Everybody else was on to my scheme though, oh well! I love Google.

Starcraft 2

I was practically born on the original Starcraft and Brood Wars expansion. I spent much of my teenage life perfecting the Zerg rush, and eventually mastered the Terran defense with a wonderful firebat-drop counter attack. So I was quite excited yesterday when Dan sent me a link to the new units in Starcraft 2. I like what I see. At the very bottom of the Tauren Marine page there seems to be a spoiler hint, though I can’t be certain. Will mercenaries be apart of the new game?

So many questions! Though, I’m glad it’s still at least a year away from release, as I have a lot of business plans to knock out beforehand! It’d be a shame to make a mistake and drown all the potential in a video game. Though, it’s not just any video game, Starcraft 2 looks to be the nectar of the gods IMHO.

The New Relics – one rock’n band!

Aside of Google’s games and video games, everybody go check out The New Relics. They are a Morgantown, WV based band, and they pretty much rock. I saw them a few times when I lived out in Morgantown, they are touring up and down the east coast these days. I’m on a mission to hook them up with a Venue in Shepherdstown so they have an excuse to come play for me. I’ll be posting MySpace bulletins, and what not, if it pans out, so you locals better show up!