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Getting a move on things, ad sense is treating me well again today.

Mar 31

In effort to keep up with posting on this daily, I have a few minutes and thought I’d jot down the happenings.

My primary income at the moment is my part time job at Moguldom Media. I’m a software developer there, working on a celebrity gossip social site. It’s a good project, in my opinion, and I enjoy the professionalism of the team, as well as the work itself. I’m quite happy with it so far.

It would appear an alternate income is showing itself too! Which highly excites me, but I’m trying to refrain from being overly excited. Roughly an hour ago I checked in to see how my ad sense earnings were doing for the day on my other sites. I was surprised that it’s up to 26$ today. ( Yesterday capped off around 36$ ).

I’m a bit baffled as to this pulling in basically minimum wage for where I live almost immediately. Though I can’t say I’m unhappy that it’s working. Still, only day two, will this be consistent? Or did I hit a bit of luck and it’s going to all fade away in the morning?

Only time can tell.

Google’s Ad Sense, made money in the first week!

Mar 30

So, today was quite interesting!

Quickly, a brief background. I’ve been in the process of building a web development firm since July 07, It didn’t start out as a development firm, but rather a couple guys with an idea and some time on their hands. It later evolved into a remote team of entrepreneurs all working towards a common goal: to become self employed, or better. It’s been slow going, a lot of bumps getting things organized, but now we’re used to the organizational pattern and able to move smoothly and quickly on initiatives — it’s coming together.

Onto today’s developments. Last week I signed up for a few web services on the net, largely for learning purposes, secondarily to assist in discovering potential of where we can monetize regarding the projects we are working on. Some of the services I tried out:

  • blogspot
  • google’s ad sense program
  • google analytics
  • google web publishing tools

All the tools were helpful in grabbing a sense of what we could do. I did some reading on ways to make money in web advertising, and took some tips in the implementation of a few ads. Quite to my surprise, Google’s Ad Sense already drew some revenue, roughly 20$. It’s not much, but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I spoke with the team on it, and it changed up some of our plans for a product we’re releasing over the next few months that has incredible ad rev as it were.

So, we’re all very motivated and working hard! I’m excited to see where this goes 🙂

Web Designer Needed:

Btw, we could really use some extra design support. Anybody out there savvy in CSS based design looking for a venture? Or perhaps just some side work? Get in touch!