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AdKeeper Raises $35 million in second round funding!

Jan 03

I joined AdKeeper several months ago – it’s so far been a blast, and has really nailed the startup-junkie sweet spot in me! With a press announcement today, it just got a lot more interesting…

As we pound out our goals and deadlines on the code-front, where I dwell, the rest of the company has been hard at work refining the vision and pushing the marketing. Today we announced our second round funding, a whopping $35 million, led by Oak Investment Partners – bringing the total raised to $43 million.

So, I get this question alot, in fact, my sister just asked me last night: “What are you guys building, Chris?”. Lets save your eyes, and give you a fun video this time:

By the way, my sister’s response via phone was “I save ads all the time, I just usually book mark them and look for them later, but this makes it easier – I really think people will use this”. I feel the same way!

You can also find out more at

You can also watch more videos (Q&As, fun commercials, and more) at our YouTube channel:

Chris Page Joins New Venture – Lockerz LLC

Jul 22
Night shot of Pittsburgh, PA - our new home city!

Night shot of Pittsburgh, PA - our new home city!

I’ve been quite busy lately!  Amber and I decided to leave Morgantown, WV to pursue better opportunities wherever we may fall.  We bunked up with family for a few weeks… a grueling thing with a 2 month old.  Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to stumble upon the next big thing!  Spending so much time increasing my online presence has paid off – as I received a call a few weeks ago from Lockerz CTO, Peter Meulbroek.

Peter and I exchanged a few phone calls – I could tell there was something “right” about the vibe I gained.  Three weeks later I drove into Pittsburgh for a lengthy yet fun and relaxing 5 stage interview – their idea is spectacular and the team was very talented and cool with a work hard and play harder mentality, perfect.  I realized “I’m going to make this happen”.  Thankfully the team at Lockerz shared that realization, and I’m very proud to announce that as of July 27th 2009, I will begin my first day as a ground floor Lockerz technical team member!

This proves it… I’m a startup junkie!

Things are moving very quickly, with only a week to relocate, and it reminds me of one of Amber’s favorite sayings:  “Good things take time, Great things happen all at once.” – this seems to hold true for me, a man of extremes to say the least!

Everybody involved in the process made it feel absolutely “right”.  I’m super psyched about the challenging workload ahead, and Amber and I both have never been so happy with the direction life is taking us!

Go check out!

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Sprint Rumor LG,’s Wedding, and a new job!

May 03

It’s been a hectic few weeks, and I’ve hardly had extra time to keep up with my blog. While I’m supposed to be taking a Saturday away from the computer, I couldn’t help myself this evening.

This afternoon I decided it was time to upgrade my phone. I’ve had the same phone for almost 5 years now. Needless to say, the upgrade was *free* — it would have been completely free, but I tossed in the 2 year warranty, which scored me a nifty belt strap-able case and blue tooth ear piece to boot.

I went with Sprint’s Rumor by LG. I didn’t go all out like you’d expect a technology buff to do, but I’m satisfied with it. It’s a sleek little phone with a 1.3 mega pixel camera/video recorder, a slide out keyboard, a nice interface and some pretty lights.

I also went to Matt O’Donnell’s wedding, which was absolutely beautiful! I picked up my wonderful girlfriend, Amber, in PA, drove god knows how many hours to Virginia Beach, then spent 3 amazing days at a beach house drinking it up with the guests and man/woman of honor. The only downside was the driving… on the way home we got a bit lost in D.C., which was a nightmare to get out of — though we saw an amazing hotel that we’re definitely going to make a trip to sometime.

Final report is I picked up a second part time job. It’s another startup! You know me! I feel they have a GREAT idea and the fact that they have some venture capital to back it really helps. So, now I’m officially a lead architect for 3 web based startups, hence the long delays in between blog posts… What do you think? 6 figure income, 1 year? 2? Wish me luck!

More to come, stay tuned kiddos.

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